Jet-simpleWelcome to My World !!

This Animated Intro will be mainly use to Promote My Work. So we all promote our Time, Talents & Energy of our Work and our Dreams. Well, it's working so far... just look at Facebook and other Social Sites. Everybody's promoting Everybody. And the Beat Goes On....

All the best ...
by George ©

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Welcome to my Passion. I'm George. Your Photographer. Our Family of Photographers will work hard to make your Event unforgettable. This site is always under construction and always will be. You can go to the Tab called "Recently Added" to see what I've posted recently. You can Scroll down this page to see our "Featured" Gallery's.

Give me an idea of the Photos you would like to have and we can shoot in the studio or on location. It's your Event and Your Destination. I'm Your Photographer and work hard to capture the moment. You'll have plenty of Photos to chose from.

Thanks for visiting our site and come back often.

Take Care of Each Other.. by George ©

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Hello there :) My name is George. I am an Event & Destination Photographer.

Hay !.. Friends and Family,
It's True, The Future is NOW or should I say, Yesterday!! I'm sure by now you've heard that Yesterday was the day that "Back To The Future" went into the future? I need a Hover Conversion for my Car. I know it could work, our freeways are at lift off speeds now....just a bit of trivia...

Family Group shots, Modeling/Acting/Dancing/Singing/Celebrity Look-Alike's/Real Estate Portfolios, Wedding and Engagements... Hair & Make Up Artist Portfolios for you to show your Talent. Hay Artists, Painters & Photographers, do you need some Shots of You in Action? Great for your Website & Social Media locations. And the list goes on and on. I am an Event/Destination Photographer and will go where needed. Your Party or Company Event is My Destination. I have my Studio in San Marcos CA but also know of great places to have Family and Group backgrounds all over So CA..and beyond. By the way, if you know of some cool background areas please let me know. I'm always looking for new and different places. Oh and I have seen some Awesome back yards and parks.

Go to look through the "Featured" tab as well as the "Recently Added" tab you can see the type of work I do. From Super Close Ups for Product Catalogs to Fashion shots for your Portfolio. Check back to my "Recently Added" page often as New Events and Adventures are added weekly. If you ever have a question or navigation help in my site just send me an Email/Call or Text. Please leave a message with detailed information so when I get to my computer I can go over things with you.

For those that Sign Up, we offer images for FREE for you to download for use in your Website, Facebook, Instagram ..etc. Just look for the word FREE in the text below the Thumbnail that represents that particular Gallery. I'll be uploading several for Halloween.... and throughout the Year. We are also offering a Special Bonus from now till the New Year I am offering A FREE Hour of shooting time for anyone that books 3 hours. You will receive the 3rd Hour Free. Email me for details.

Have A Safe And Sane Holiday Season,
George website

PS Yes ! it's all about Yesterday. Showcasing your Events and Talent is Yesterday's News. However, If It's true that "a Photograph Is Worth A Thousand Words", it is a tremendous way to predict success, Present even into the Future.

by George (C)

I'm sure your wondering why I have a photo of myself holding a couple pomegranates. Well you see I started the garden when my children were small. I like to live healthy and grow a lot of my own fruits and vegetables. Actually, more than we can eat, so I ship some off to family and friends as well. So I'm rather proud of my gardening. You know that you can buy a pomegranate for, oh, let's say $1 each but when you grow it yourself it may cost you $10 each but you know it tastes better, I use Good Bugs to Eat the Bad Bugs and I did it yourself.

"It's Your Event & Your Destination"

Take Care of Each Other and have an Awesome Day..!!

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